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Plants We Love: Florida privet (Forestiera segregata)

Florida privet (Forestiera segregata) is a native shrub for warm climates that attracts bees, butterflies and birds.
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Plant name: Florida privet

Florida Privet (Forestiera segregata)

Botanical name:Forestiera segregata

Virtues: Attracts pollinators with its small flowers and birds with its purplish black berries.

Flowers: Small and greenish yellow, appearing in early spring. Rather nondescript but attractive to pollinators. Followed by purplish black berries that birds enjoy.

Foliage: Long and narrow. Shiny dark green on top and dull green on the underside.

Habit: Large semi-evergreen shrub or small tree to 10 feet tall, with a dense crown.

Origin: Pinelands and coastal habitats of Georgia and Florida, through the Caribbean, and in Bermuda.

Cultivation: Grow in part shade to full sun. Tolerates a wide range of soil pH and soil types (sand, loam, clay). Requires good drainage. Tolerates drought and wind. Works well as a hedge or screen, taking shearing and clipping well. Can be trained into a specimen tree with early clipping. USDA Zones 8b through 11.

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