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Fall Flowers and Plants That Aren't Mums

In many areas, mums are the go-to for fall color in the garden and containers. For something a little less expected, try these annuals that stand up to cool temperatures and come in colors suited for autumn.

fall flowers nemesia blood orange

For fall flowers:
Nemesia—these are highly cold-tolerant flowers. Shown: Proven Winners’ Sunsatia Blood Orange.
Pansies—plenty of fall-colored options are out there! Look for purple, orange or peach to complement the warm shades of fall leaves.
Calibrachoa, or million bells—recent introductions, including the Superbells line from Proven Winners, have been selected for increased cold tolerance so that they can be fall flowers as much as they are summer favorites.

Find more cool-season annuals here.

For fall foliage:
Tender onamental grasses, including certain carex and pennisetum. Toffee Twist carex is a favorite for its tawny color that goes great with the autumnal tones of the fall flowers listed above.

Image courtesy of Proven Winners