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'Caramel' Coral Bells Is a Sweet Foliage Perennial

Consistent, warm foliage color and strong growth make this classic coral bells stand out among competing selections. Tolerant of heat and humidity, it is a strong grower in southern and northern gardens alike. It was named a Gold Medal Plant by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in 2022.


Common name: ‘Caramel’ coral bells

Botanical name: Heuchera ‘Caramel’

Exposure: Full sun (cooler climates) to part shade (warmer climates)

Flowers: Wands of tiny light pink flowers appear above the foliage in early summer. This plant is primarily grown for its foliage, though.

Foliage: New leaves emerge golden green and quickly age to a bright peachy pink. Evergreen in the South.

Habit: Mounded perennial growing 12 inches tall and wide.

Origin: 'Caramel' was first discovered as a seedling in France in 2002. It is suspected to have Heuchera villosa parentage, which gives it good tolerance of heat and humidity in the South and Mid-Atlantic states. (That species is native to the southeastern US.)

How to grow it: In the warmest reaches of its growing range, it will perform as an evergreen perennial and require protection from midday sun; meanwhile in the north it will decline in winter and easily handle a position in full sun. Provide well-drained, average soil and regular watering while it gets established. Trim away damaged leaves in early spring, being careful not to damage the crown of the plant. USDA Zones 4–9.

Image courtesy Walters Gardens