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Plants We Love: Bush Violet

Bush Violet is an annual that can be enjoyed all year with proper care. Bring hanging baskets or pots indoors once the weather chills. 
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Plant name: Bush Violet

Botanical name:Browallia americana

Suggested by: Ed Rasmussen, The Fragrant Path

Easy, carefree annual for bedding, hanging baskets, or pots. Can be brought indoors for the winter, where it will continue blooming.

Flower: Amethyst-blue, 1-inch flower with a white spot. Borne in profusion.

Foliage: Medium to deep green leaves, purple stems.

Habit: Upright and mounding to 15 inches.

Season: Blooms all summer—all year if taken indoors.

Companions: White- and yellow-flowered plants.

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