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You Will Love ‘Bandera Purple’ Spanish Lavender

Plant it in the garden, in a container, grow it as an indoor plant or give it as a gift. ‘Bandera Purple’ is at home just about anywhere. This lavender has a compact mounding habit that maintains a tight form. It blooms from spring through summer and is floriferous. The flowers are self-cleaning, yet another reason to love this plant, and the plant will set a second flush of bloom reliably.

‘Bandera Purple’ Spanish Lavender

‘Bandera Purple’ Spanish Lavender

Botanical name:Lavandula stoechas
Common name: Spanish Lavender
Bloom color: Lavender, winged flower spikes
Bloom period: Spring–summer
Foliage: Gray-green
Habit: Mounded
Height: 7–9 inches
Width: 10–12 inches
Sun requirements: Full sun
USDA Hardiness Zones: 7–10

For best results, plant in full sun in well-draining soil that is dry and is more sandy in composition. Avoid clay-rich soils. Does well in the heat and humidity.