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Yellow Hellebore 'Spanish Flare' Lights the Way for Spring

Virtues: ‘Spanish Flare’ hellebore is a uniquely colored yellow hellebore that offers pale yellow flowers with dark purple accents in earliest spring. Hellebores are treasured for their tendency to bloom when most other plants are dormant.

yellow hellebore

Common name: ‘Spanish Flare’ hellebore, ‘Spanish Flare’ Lenten rose

Botanical name:Helleborus ‘Spanish Flare’

Exposure: Part to full shade

Season: Late winter to early spring, for its flowers.

Flowers: Pale lemon-yellow flowers open to reveal dark purple markings at their centers. The flowers have a single row of petals and they reach about 3 inches in diameter.

yellow hellebore spanish flare

Foliage: This is an evergreen-type hellebore with leathery green leaves.

Habit: An evergreen perennial that reached 18 to 24 inches tall and wide.

Origins: ‘Spanish Flare’ hellebore was bred by Hans Hansen as part of the Honeymoon series, single-flowered varieties that are a follow-up to the Wedding Party series of double-flowered hellebores. Hansen introduced this yellow hellebore to the market in 2015.

How to grow ‘Spanish Flare’ hellebore: Plant it in part to full shade in average garden soil with good drainage. Prefers even moisture but can bounce back from short periods of drought once it is established. If desired, remove old or damaged leaves in late fall to midwinter; this will ensure that you don’t damage or accidentally remove the flower stalks as they begin to rise later in winter. USDA Zones 4–9.

Images courtesy of Walters Gardens