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Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod

Wrinkleleaf goldenrod (Solidago rugosa) is a native plant that blooms from midsummer into the fall.
Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks'

'Fireworks' is a cultivar of wrinkleaf goldenrod (Solidago rugosa).

Common name: Wrinkleleaf goldenrod

Botanical name:Solidago rugosa

Virtues: Attracts pollinators. Long bloom time. Blooms in latter half of summer, into autumn.

Numerous small bright yellow flowers are held in tight clusters on upright stems.

Habit: Upright herbaceous perennial, 1 to 6 feet tall, unbranched or sparingly branched.

Season: Summer and autumn.

Origin: Low woods, meadows and bogs of the eastern half of North America.

Cultivation: Grow in full sun to light shade. Prefers moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Spreads by rhizomes (underground stems). USDA Zones 3–9. The cultivar 'Fireworks' (Zones 4–8) has a more compact habit than the species, and it offers a spectacular floral show.

Two mail-order sources for 'Fireworks' wrinkleleaf goldenrod are Niche Gardens and Plant Delights Nursery.


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