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We Love ‘White Improved’ scaevola for its Fan-shaped Flowers

White Improved scaevola

'White Improved' scaevola is a fantastic addition to any hot, sunny garden area. The mounding habit allows it to easily fill a container or set off a boarder garden.
We like it planted where its slight trailing habit can be fully appreciated: such as in a hanging basket, window box or atop a rock wall. The plant is self-cleaning, so no tedious deadheading is required to keep it looking healthy.

Name: ‘White Improved’ scaevola

Flowers: White, fan-shaped

Blooms: Spring, summer and fall

Foliage: Dark green

Habit: Mounding and some trailing

Size: 6-10 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide

Growing ‘White Improved’ scaevola: This annual prefers a spot in the full sun with soil that is moist and doesn’t dry out between watering. A regular feeding every other week will help the plant continue its thick flush of blooms. At home in the border garden, this plant is also well suited for window boxes, hanging baskets and containers.

Photo courtesy of Prairie Star