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We Love Viola ‘Sunny Jim’

Chances are you have been driving by the nurseries to see if the first flowers have arrived. There is no surer sign that spring is at our doorstep than the arrival of violas. We love PlantHaven’s new offering, ‘Sunny Jim’. We are certain there is no other plant that says spring, sunshine and the end of the winter grays like this little beauty.

Viola Sunny Jim (4)

Common name: Viola
Botanical name:Viola xhybrida MAGNIFI SCENT® ‘Sunny Jim’
Flowers: Bright yellow, 1.5 inches across
Height: 4–9 inches
Width: 6–9 inches
USDA Zones: 5–8

This viola has a lovely scent to compliment its cheery blooms. ‘Sunny Jim’ is ideal for container gardens, hanging baskets and, when planted in large groupings, along the front of the border garden. Requires full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil.

Photo courtesy of PlantHaven.