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We Love Under the Sea ‘King Crab’ Coleus

 Under the Sea ‘King Crab’ coleus is a sure winner because of its foliage with a unique shape and form. A vigorous plant with ‘pinchers’ along its leaf edges, ‘King Crab’ adds a punch of interest to the garden with its huge, red leaves.


Common name: Under the Sea ‘King Crab’ coleus
Botanical name:Solenostemon scutellarioides
Habit: Upright, mounding, has a strong presence in the garden
Leaves: Bright red with exaggerated leaf margins that look like crab pinchers
Size: 24 inches tall and wide
Zones: 10-11, most gardeners use this plant as an annual

Plant ‘King Crab’ in a sun or shade garden. Give this plant room to grow so it can exhibit its unique foliage. Planted en masse it is stunning in a garden bed or used as an accent plant in a container garden. Coleus perform best with continuous moisture, but are not heavy feeders—an all purpose monthly fertilizer is sufficient. Plant ‘King Crab’ with plants that have lime green or purple flowers for a dramatic effect.

Special Note on Coleus: Most gardeners plant coleus for their foliage, not their flowers. Pinching off flower stalks promotes additional foliage growth. However, bees are drawn to coleus flowers so pinch flowers accordingly. Photo courtesy of Prairie Flowers