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We Love Pacific Brilliance Pin Oak

We love the architectural quality of Pacific Brilliance pin oak. Unlike other pin oaks that have branches that droop and cause issues when we’re walking, gardening or mowing around the tree, Pacific Brilliance stands upright with no pendulous branches. The acorns are smaller and fewer in quantity. All told it’s ideal for those looking for a tree to place in a high-traffic area.

Pacific Brilliance Horticulture

Common name: Pacific Brilliance Pin Oak
Botanical name:Quarcus palistris ‘PWJR08’
Height: 45–50 feet
Width: 20–25 feet
Leaves: Green and shiny in the summer transitioning to brilliant reds and oranges in the fall.
Fruit: Acorns are fewer in number and smaller than species oaks.
USDA Zones: 4–8

The foliage of this oak may be its best feature. In the spring, young leaves are covered in a white pubescence that gives the illusion that the leaves are covered in a light frost. Glossy green leaves transition to brilliant orange and red come fall—a welcome color combination for any autumn garden landscape.

Photo courtesy of UpShoot