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We Love Fremont’s Primrose

There is much to love with this award-winning plant. GreatPlants, a joint program of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and the Nebraska Nursery & Landscape Association, singled out this yellow-flowering beauty for its good looks and tough nature. This drought-tolerant native with bright yellow flowers and narrow, silvery foliage blooms through summer, oblivious to the heat.

Horticulture Fremont's Primrose

Common name: Fremont’s primrose
Botanical name:Oenothera macracarpa
Flowers: bright yellow
Bloom time: through summer
Foliage: narrow, silvery
Height: 10 inches
Width: 20 inches
USDA Zones: 3–7

Attracts hawkmoths and hummingbirds. Prefers full sun, light watering and it is deer resistant.

Photo Courtesy of GreatPlants