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We Love First Knight Napier Grass

The royal bloodline of this Pennisetum family has done it again—‘First Knight’ napier grass has the boldest, darkest, richest black-purple foliage color to date and it’s ruling the gardens in style. We love how the foliage of ‘First Knight’ stands tall and straight and then gently arches to form a graceful, architecturally strong element in the garden. It is ideal as a specimen plant, planted en masse for a bold statement or used in a container.

We Love First Knight Napier Grass

Botanical name: Pennisetum ‘First Knight’
Common name: ‘First Knight’ napier grass
Height: 48–54 inches
Width: 24–36 inches
Foliage: Deep black-purple
USDA Zones: 7–11
Flowers: Grown for its foliage, First Knight will only bloom in totally frost-free areas.

‘First Knight’ is disease resistant, tolerates heat with ease, thrives in full sun and is salt resistant. Prefers well-drained soil. Water regularly.

Photo Courtesy of Santa Rosa Gardens