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Valentine Hoya for Your Gardening Sweetheart

Virtues: A low-maintenance plant with a compelling leaf shape, valentine hoya makes a unique gift for any plant lover.

valentine hoya

Common name: Valentine hoya, sweetheart hoya, lucky heart, heart-leaf hoya

Botanical name:Hoya kerrii

Exposure: Bright light; a little direct sun is okay

Season: Year-round for foliage; mature plants may bloom in warmer parts of the year

Flowers: Clusters of waxy, star-shape, pale pink flowers may appear on mature plants, particularly those that are somewhat neglected.

Foliage: Fleshy, heart-shaped green leaves appear on thick vining stems. They are typically bright green, but there’s also a variegated selection that bears creamy white leaf margins.

Habit: Valentine hoya is often sold as one rooted leaf around St. Valentine’s Day (February 14). With time this leaf will sprout vining stem(s) from the base. Note: It is a slow grower.

Origins: Southeast Asia

How to grow valentine hoya: Set in bright light, such as an eastern or western window. Use a free-draining potting mix, such as that for cacti and succulents. Frequent repotting is not necessary; hoyas prefer to be root bound. Water valentine hoya only when the top inch of soil feels dry. Err on the side of less water, as this is a highly drought-tolerant plant. These are tropical succulents that appreciate low water, quick drainage and high humidity. All hoyas thrive on neglect and in fact seem more apt to bloom if they are ignored.

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Image credit: Petchjira / iStock / Getty Images