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Try Creeping Mazus As a Low-maintenance Lawn Substitute

Virtues: We love creeping mazus for its stunning mat-like foliage that creeps over the ground in a carpet of deep green. In spring through summer, the groundcover is speckled with tiny clusters of bluish-purple, tubular flowers with white centers spotted in yellow.

Creeping mazus flowers

Common name: Creeping mazus

Botanical name:Mazus reptans

Flowers: In spring through summer, hundreds of charming, tiny, lavender flowers with white centers dotted in gold adorn the vibrant foliage. There are also white varieties of these striking blossoms.

Foliage: Narrow leaves with rooting stems seem to almost fuse together in a carpet-like rich green matting on top of the ground. Often used as a lawn substitute or to fill spaces in between flagstones and pathways.

creeping mazus

Habit:Mazus reptans has a very low, compact habit and typically grows 2 to 6 inches in height with a 6- to 12-inch spread.

Season: These impressive perennials have oodles of spring, summer and fall interest.

Origin: Native to the Himalayas.

How to grow Mazus reptans: This beautiful groundcover thrives in most well-drained soils and can tolerate foot traffic and infrequent mowing. Creeping mazus is most successful in full sun to part shade. USDA Zones 5–9.

Images: SB Johnny
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