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Tiarella Fingerpaint Is a Colorful Shade Plant

Virtues:Tiarella Fingerpaint provides reliable color and texture in the shade garden from spring to fall, thanks to its crimped green-and-purple leaves.

tiarella fingerpaint

Common name: Fingerpaint foamflower

Botanical name:Tiarella ‘Fingerpaint’

Exposure: Part shade to full shade

Season: Spring to fall, for foliage. Tiarella is technically evergreen, but the leaves hold up best in milder climates.

Flowers: Small flowers appear on thin, short stems above the foliage in early spring.

Foliage: The oak like leaves have deep, rounded lobes with frilled edges. Each leaf is green around the outside and purple at the center.

Habit: Tiarella Fingerpaint is a mounded perennial plant that grows to about 9 inches tall and 12 inches wide. It can spread a little bit by underground stems.

How to grow Tiarella Fingerpaint: Site in part to full shade, in average soil with good drainage. Tiarella grows best with even moisture. USDA Zones 4–9.

Image credit: Walters Gardens