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The Music Note Plant is Music to Our Eyes

Virtues:Clerodendrum incisum is a perennial that grows like a shrub. It is the flower buds that give this plant its common name, which droop delicately resembling musical notes. This plant is low maintenance, but is intolerant of cold temperatures. If the temperature drops below 30˚F, transplant Clerodendrum incisum into a pot and bring it inside, or consider it an annual.

music note plant

Common name: Musical notes plant, music notes

Botanical name: Clerodendrum incisum

Flowers: Once the clusters of music notes bloom, red stamens extend 1.5 inches past the white flower petals. The flowers bloom at night on three to four inch tubes.

Foliage: The music notes plant is deciduous, meaning it will drop its leaves in fall, and it is slow to gain back its leaves. It holds out until the late spring or early summer, when new, light green leaves are rapidly produced.

Habit: Where hardy, plants reach heights between three and five feet and spread four to five feet.

Season: Summer, fall.

How to grow it:Clerodendrum incisum shouldn’t be pruned during blooming season. It should be planted in moist, rich, but well drained soil in full sun or part shade. Less water is required during winter. This plant can be grown in the ground as well as in containers. USDA Zones 9–11. In colder zones, grow it as an annual or keep it as a houseplant over the winter, in which case it should receive bright light and moderate watering.

Image: Vinayaraj