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Temari Patio Blue verbena

Virtues: We love Temari Patio Blue verbena for its bushy, more upright growth habit than typical annual verbenas, which makes it a unique cultivar for patio pots and the garden beds. Temari produces bountiful, bright bluish-purple flowers that cascade over the edges of containers and window boxes, giving a your garden a high-priced look.

Bluish-purple blooms of Temari Patio Blue

Common name: Patio Blue

Botanical name: Verbena

Flowers: Compact clusters of purplish-blue flowers

Foliage: Dark green, fern-like leaves

Habit: Upright growth. 10-12 inches tall

Season: Early spring through late fall

Origin: North America

Cultivation: Plant in moist soil, well-drained soil. Do not allow to dry between waterings. Full sun. Annual.

Image Credit: Public Domain


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