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Silver Strike Dianthus Shines in Foliage and Flower

Virtues: Silver Strike dianthus, or cheddar pinks, has a long bloom time, with the potential to flower consistently from early spring through fall. Meanwhile its dense, bright silver leaves provide another dimension of interest at the front of the flower garden. The bicolor flowers attract butterflies, and this hardy perennial tolerates drought and needs little input once established.

Silver Strike Dianthus

Common name: Silver Strike cheddar pinks, Silver Strike dianthus

Botanical name:Dianthus hybrida ‘KonD1039K1’ or Silver Strike

Exposure: Full sun

Season: Early spring through fall, for flowers and foliage

Flowers: Silver Strike dianthus begins to bloom in early spring and continues flowering into fall, perhaps taking a break during the hottest stretch of summer. Its rounded, ruffled flowers are dark pink at the center and medium pink at the edges.

Foliage: The color of the upright, stiff, grasslike leaves of Silver Strike give it its name. These bright gray leaves are dense, giving the plant its nice, solid, compact shape.

Silver Strike Dianthus

Habit: This herbaceous perennial grows 8 to 10 inches tall and 14 to 16 inches wide with a mounded shape.

Origins: Introduced by Darwin Perennials as part of the Mountain Frost series.

How to grow Silver Strike dianthus: Plant in full sun and average soil with good drainage. After its first season in the garden, it will tolerate periods of drought. Deadhead spent flowers by cutting their stems at the base. This will encourage repeated blooming. USDA Zones 5–9.