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'Short n Sassy' Helenium Is Exactly That

Virtues: We love Helenium ‘Short n Sassy’ for its fiery orange and gold blooms with protruding chocolate brown centers speckled with yellow pollen that flower beautifully throughout summer and fall. This variety is much smaller than others.

helenium short n sassy

Common name: 'Short n Sassy' sneezeweed, helenium or Helen's flower

Botanical name:Helenium ‘Short n Sassy’

Flowers: As a dwarf variety of helenium, ‘Short n Sassy’ flowers earlier in the summer season, lasting well into late fall. These charming flowers fill the garden with vibrant blooms that bear an abundance of blazing petals of radiant oranges and yellows that emerge from a rounded, coffee-brown center.

Foliage: Slender, glossy rich green leaves with an upright, long stem contrast nicely against the lovely flowers.

Habit: These feisty herbaceous perennials have an upright, compact and mounding habit reaching a height of 12-18 inches with a 24-inch spread.

Season: Summer and fall, for flowers.

Origin: Introduced by Skagit Gardens located in Mount Vernon, WA.

How to grow Helenium ‘Short n Sassy’: These butterfly-loving perennials will grow successfully in most well-drained soils. They thrive in full sun with regular watering. They can also be grown in containers. USDA Zones 4–9.

Image courtesy Skagit Gardens
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