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Señorita Rosalita spider flower

Virtues: We love Señorita Rosalita spider flower for its lack of thorns, sticky foliage, unpleasant aroma and unsightly seedpods. This heat-tolerant plant adds dramatic height to the garden with its spidery clusters of lavender-pink flowers that bloom continuously from spring through the first frost. Long stamens extending out of the flowers like spider legs give the plant its common name.

Lavender-pink blooms of Cleome Senorita Rosalita

Common Name: Cleome, Spider flower

Botanical Name:Cleome hassleriana

Flowers: Spidery clusters of 4-petaled, lavender-pink flowers 6 to 8 inches in diameter

Foliage: Small green leaves

Habit: Upright growing habit, maturing at 24 to 48 inches tall

Origin: Native to South America

Cultivation: Plant in a sunny bed with well-drained soil; prepare the bed with a light sprinkling of fertilizer. The plants are self-grooming, so deadheading is not necessary. Water regularly for the first few weeks. Full sun. Zones 9-10, or grown as an annual.

Image Credit: Public Domain


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