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Seasons of Color with ‘Honey Rose’

‘Honey Rose’ foamy bells adds depth of color to the shade garden like no other plant with foliage that transitions from coral to sable and delicate white flowers in the summer. Gardeners will delight in the plant’s textural quality with deeply incised foliage accentuated with dark-colored veins.


Common name: Foam Flower
Botanical Name: Heucherella 'Honey Rose'
Height: 8 inches (foliage), 12 inches (flowers)
Spread: 13 inches
Habit: Mounding
Foliage: Coral color transitions to sable with deeply incised edges and pronounced venation
Flowers: Petite, white, blooms in the summer
Zones: 4-9

This easy-to-grow plant has a natural resistance to rust. It will tolerate cold as well as heat and humidity when grown in part to full shade. ‘Honey Rose’ prefers rich, well-drained soil. Plant the crown slightly above the soil line. When mulching, take care not to cover the crown of the plant.

Photo courtesy of Blooms of Bressingham