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Russian Cypress

Virtues: A rugged, dense evergreen shrub that makes a nice evergreen mat. Foliage turns bronze or purplish bronze in winter, for something "different." A good alternative to mat-forming junipers.


Common name: Russian cypress, Russian arborvitae, Siberian cypress

Botanical name:Microbiota decussata

Foliage: Foliage looks soft and feathery but feels sharp. Foliage is green in warm weather and bronze in cold weather.

Habit: Low, spreading evergreen conifer to 12 inches tall and 10 feet wide. Branches arch, giving it a mounded look.

Season: Year-round.

Origin: Mountains of Siberia, above the tree line.

Cultivation: Grow in full sun to partial shade. Coloration and form are best in more sun. easy to grow and tolerant of various soils, but needs good drainage. A slow grower. Tolerates wind. Deer resistant. USDA Zones 3–7.

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