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Redvein Enkianthus: A Blooming Shrub with Great Fall Foliage

Virtues: We love redvein enkainthus for their clusters of bell-shaped creamy, white flowers marked with radiant red veins that bloom in spring through early summer. Their deep green leaves transform into striking shades of yellow, orange and red in fall.

redvein enkianthus

Common name: Redvein enkianthus

Botanical name:Enkianthus campanulatus

Flowers: Stunning white clusters of bell-shaped flowers with luminous red veining bloom in spring through early summer; small, brown fruits (of no ornamental value) follow in the fall season.

Foliage: These deciduous shrubs have tiny, glossy bright green leaves that turn into magnificent displays of oranges, yellows and reds during fall.

redvein enkianthus leaves

Habit: Redvein enkianthus have an upright, spreading habit, generally growing 6 to15 feet in height with a similar spread.

Season: These showy shrubs have year-round interest with their beautiful flowers in spring and summer, eye-catching foliage of fall, and their eerie, horizontal gray branches with red twigs in winter.

Origin: Native to Japan

How to grow Enkianthus campanulatus: Redvein enkainthus are slow-growing shrubs that thrive in well-drained, acidic soil. They prefer full sun to part shade and are most successful in USDA Zones 5–8.

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Flower image: KENPEI
Foliage image: Koichi Oda
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