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Quick-to-Harvest, Colorful 'Bull's Blood' Beets

Virtues: We love ‘Bull’s Blood’ beets for their deep red-burgundy foliage and dark reddish pink roots (the beets). With sweet-tasting, gorgeously colored foliage and tender baby beets, these easy-to-grow vegetables make the perfect addition to salads and other recipes.

bull's blood beets

Common name: ‘Bull’s Blood’ beets

Botanical name:Beta vulgaris ‘Bull’s Blood’

Foliage: Delicious, rich purplish red leaves can reach around 18 inches in height and can be harvested about 35 days after sowing. Beneath the soil are the tender roots, or beets, that should be harvested when they are young (2 to 3 inches in diameter), usually between 50 to 60 days after sowing. Both the foliage and the beets, with their stunning colors, offer a striking and savory display within your favorite dishes.

Habit: These low-maintenance vegetables grow to roughly 1 foot in height with a similar spread.

Season: Spring, fall and winter interest. This will vary depending on your climate and last and first frost dates.

How to grow ‘Bull’s Blood’ beets:Beta vulgaris ‘Bull’s Blood’ beets are most successful in rich, moist soil. They usually are sown during spring (before the last frost) or late summer, depending on the climate. They prefer moderate watering, with more water during dry periods. These tasty veggies thrive in full sun to part shade and are hardy, so they can be grown almost anywhere.

Image: Frog Star Farm
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