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Princettia: a Better Poinsettia for the Holidays


Princettia Light Pink

Virtues:  Poinsettia is the traditional choice for a holiday houseplant, but they can be a little gangly, with flower coverage that’s sometimes spotty. The Princettia line of poinsettia solves these problems. They’re compact poinsettias that make an even dome of colorful flower bracts.

Common name: Princettia poinsettia

Flowers: Princettia poinsettias currently come in four colors: white, light pink, hot pink and dark pink. The bright “flower petals” are actually bracts, or modified leaves. The true flowers are found at their center.

Foliage: Dark green, but generally obscured by the numerous flowers and bracts.

Habit: Princettia is a small poinsettia, reaching just 7 to 10 inches tall and forming a rounded mass of leaves and flowers.

Season: Winter, for flowers.

Exposure: Bright indoor light, but not direct sunshine.

How to grow Princettia: These small poinsettias require the same care as any poinsettia. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings; avoid overwatering, which will cause the plant to drop its leaves and turn pale in color. Let excess water drain away; do not let it remain in the pot’s saucer. Keep your Princettia in bright light but out of direct sun. Normal room temperature is fine.

Image courtesy of Suntory