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Plant Summer Wave Blue Torenia for Lasting Flowers in Shade

Virtues: Summer Wave Large Blue torenia is a low-maintenance flowering annual plant that thrives and blooms in the shade and tolerates the heat and humidity of summer. It does not need deadheading, it puts up with drought and it will also grow in the sun.

summer wave large blue torenia

Common name: Summer Wave Large Blue wishbone flower or torenia

Botanical name:Torenia 'SUNrenilabu'

Flowers: From spring to frost, deep blue-purple four-petaled flowers appear in profusion at the ends of the plant's trailing stems. The flowers are shaped like a tube and the throat is blushed with orange. They are large compared to other torenia varieties. This plant is part of the Summer Wave series, which also includes the varieties Large Amethyst and Large Violet.

Foliage: Small, rounded green leaves cover the stems, providing a dense backdrop for the flowers.

Habit: Mounding/trailing. This torenia can mound up to 10 inches tall with a similar spread, but some stems can grow to 3 feet long. Its habit makes it a good choice for hanging baskets, tall containers and window boxes.

Season: Spring, summer, early fall for flowers.

How to grow it: Plant torenia in pots that will show off their trailing habit. It will grow and flower in sun or shade. Provide moderate water for best growth and flowering. Tolerates drought, heat and humidity. Annual.

Image courtesy of Proven Winners
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