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Pink Icing’s Foliage Shines

We love Pink Icing™ blueberry for its foliage that is gorgeous from spring to fall. Its berries are pretty tasty, too! The foliage starts out pink and bright green in the spring and summer then transitions to iridescent blue come fall.

Pink Icing Blueberries

Common Name: Pink Icing blueberry
Botanical Name:Vaccinium corymbosum Pink Icing™ ‘ZF06-079’
Foliage: Green and pink in the spring transitioning to iridescent blue in the fall.
Fruit: Sweet, robust blueberries mid-season
Light: Full sun
Soil: Acidic soil (incorporate peat moss or organic material into soil)
Size: 3–4 feet
Shape: Mounding
Add USDA Zones: 5-10

Prefers well-draining soil and a bit of fertilization in the spring. To keep its tidy shape, prune during winter dormancy. This little blueberry shrub is perfect for container gardening, raised beds or in the garden.

Fruit: This plant sets fruit on previous year’s canes and will produce new canes each year. Each year, prune only the canes that produced fruit for that year.

Photo courtesy of Brazelberries: