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Lacebark Pine Boasts Unique Bark As it Ages

Virtues: Lacebark pine is a highly ornamental evergreen tree with beauty in its needles and colorful bark.

lacebark pine

Common name: Lacebark pine

Botanical name:Pinus bungeana

Exposure: Full sun

Season: Year-round

Foliage: Soft, 4-inch long needles are a dark green.

Other attributes: Trees older than about 10 years offer peeling bark with under layers of olive green, white and purple.

lacebark pine

Habit: Evergreen tree reaching 30 to 50 feet high and 20 to 40 feet wide. It often grows with multiple trunks, giving it a shrubby shape.

Origins: China

How to grow lacebark pine: Plant this undemanding tree in full sun and average soil with good drainage. USDA Zones 4–8.