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Hummingbird Trumpet

Hummingbird trumpet (Epilobium canum ssp. garrettii) is a short, drought-tolerant perennial that attracts hummingbirds and resists deer.

Common name: Hummingbird trumpet, Garrett's firechalice, wild fuschia

Humminbird trumpet (Epilobium canum ssp. garrettii

Botanical name:Epilobium canum ssp. garrettii (syn. Zauschneria latifolia var. garrettii)

Virtues: Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Flowers: Bright red tubular flowers to two inches long appear from midsummer into fall.

Foliage: Narrow, one-inch-long bright green leaves that turn purple in the fall.

Habit: Perennial one to two feet tall and two to four feet wide.

Season: Late summer. Origin: Dry slopes and chapparal of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Arizona.

Cultivation: Grow in full sun or part shade. Very drought tolerant once established. Pinch back new growth o encourage a bushy shape. Spreads by underground stems (rhizomes). Deer resistant. USDA Zones 3–10. Image attribution