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Hick's Yew: A Compact Evergreen Shrub for Small Gardens

hicks's yew

A hedge of Hicks's yew is the background for perennials.

Virtues: We love Hicks's yew for its stunning deep green foliage that offers a magnificent display in landscapes all year, and its compact form. Bright red, rounded fruits appear in fall, offering a striking contrast against the rich foliage.

Common name: Hicks's yew

Botanical name:Taxus media ‘Hicksii’

Flowers: The flowers have no ornamental value. Toxic, fleshy radiant red fruits appear throughout fall.

Foliage: These evergreen shrubs have needle-like leaves in a rich, deep green color throughout the year. With an upright, columnar form, Hicks's yew is a great option for hedges. or small spaces.

Habit: Hicks's yew has an upright, compact habit, typically growing 8 to 12 feet in height with a 3- to 4-foot spread.

Season: With beautiful foliage, these easy-to-grow shrubs offer year-round interest.

Origin:Taxus media is a hybrid between English and Japanese yews, T. baccata and T. cuspidata (respectively). The cultivar 'Hicksii' was originally selected by Henry Hicks of Hicks Nurseries in Westbury, N.Y.

How to grow Taxus media ‘Hicksii’: Hicks's yew is successful in most well-drained soils. Water regularly during the first growing season. They can thrive under any lighting conditions: full sun, part shade to full shade. Great for hedges, screens or for general gardening. USDA Zones 4–7.

Image by Al Parrish. Design by Tracey Williams.
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