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Heucherella Sweet Tea: a Perennial with Colorful Foliage

Virtues: We love this butterfly-attracting perennial for its tantalizing array of orange-colored foliage throughout late spring, summer and fall.

Heucherella Sweet Tea

Common name: 'Sweet Tea' foamy bells

Botanical name:Heucherella 'Sweet Tea'

Flowers: White, small bell-shaped flowers bloom in late spring on tall stalks held well above the foliage.

Foliage: The large 4-inch palmate leaves reveal beaming shades of orange throughout spring, which darken into deep, breathtaking shades in summer and then brighten again in fall.

Habit: This spring-blooming, semi-evergreen perennial generally grows 20 inches tall with a 28-inch spread.

Season: Spring through fall, for foliage.

Origin: Introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries, Oregon. Heucherellas are the results of crossing foamflower (Tiarella) and coral bells (Heuchera).

How to grow Heucherella 'Sweet Tea': Heucherellas are low-maintenance perennials that can be planted in almost all well-drained soils, though they prefer humus-rich soils. Add extra organic matter at planting time and provide regular watering. This plant grows best in partial shade, with regular removal of spent flowers/foliage. Mulch the plant during the winter season. Heucherella is tolerant of hot and humid climates and it is most successful in USDA Zones 4–9.

Image courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries.
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