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Heart-leaf Philodendron Brasil is a Houseplant to Love

Virtues: Heart-leaf philodendron is an easy-to-grow houseplant that creates a tumble of broad leaves on vining stems. The variety named ‘Brasil’ is especially vibrant with its variegated leaves of green, peach, lime and gold.

heart-leaf philodendron brasil

Common name: Brasil heart-leaf philodendron

Botanical name:Philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’

Exposure: Philodendrons will grow in low to high light levels; they’re not picky about light!

Season: Year-round, for foliage

Foliage: All heart-leaf philodendrons boast heart-shape leaves. The variety Brasil boasts bright, lively variegation. Its leaves have bright stripes of lime-green and gold on a ark green background. New growth can be peach color.

Habit: Heart-leaf philodendron is a vining type. Its vining stems will tumble over the edge of a tall pot or hanging basket. These can also be trained to climb a moss-covered pole set in the center of the pot. The foliage gives good coverage to the vining stems.

How to grow heart-leaf philodendron Brasil: This plant can be grown in any lighting, from low light to bright sun, although the best coloration and most compact growth will result from medium to bright light. Err on the side of underwatering, as philodendrons can bounce back from dry spells but they will rot if kept too wet. In general, only water when the top inch of potting soil feels dry. Heart-leaf philodendron is a slow grower that does not require fertilizer except for perhaps once in the spring as light levels increase. Heart-leaf philodendron will respond well to trimming if its vines become too long for your taste. Simply cut the stems back to just below a leaf.