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Grow Peas in Containers with the Variety Patio Pride

Virtues: The compact ‘Patio Pride’ pea allows gardeners to easily grow peas in containers or a tiny patch of ground. These pretty plants offer a quick harvest (just 40 days from sowing). ‘Patio Pride’ won the All-America Selections Southeast Regional Award in 2017.


Common name: ‘Patio Pride’ pea

Botanical name:Pisum sativum ‘Patio Pride’

Exposure: Full sun

Season: Peas prefer cool temperatures and develop quickly, making them a crop for the spring and fall vegetable gardens.

Yield: ‘Patio Pride’ peas are mature roughly 40 days after sowing seed. The pods lengthen to 2 or 3 inches. They have a sweet flavor. Each plant yields more than 30 pea pods.

Habit: This compact pea plant can be grown in the garden or in an 8-inch (or larger) pot. It reaches just 18 to 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide when it is trained on a support. Untrained, it reaches 8 to 10 inches tall with a rambling habit; it is suitable for a hanging basket.

Origins: Bred by Terra Organics

How to grow ‘Patio Pride’ pea: Peas require full sun, fertile soil and good drainage. Sow ‘Patio Pride’ seeds in spring as soon as the soil can be worked, or about a month before your expected last frost. Seedlings should have a final spacing of 6 inches. To grow peas in containers, grow one 'Patio Pride' per pot. Seeds for a fall harvest should be sown at least 6 weeks before your expected first frost. Keep the seedlings shaded and watered well during hot spells. ’Patio Pride’ peas are ready to harvest 40 days after seed is sown.

Image courtesy of All-America Selections