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Grow Arctic Beauty Kiwi Vine for Colorful Heart-shaped Leaves

Virtues: We love Actinidia kolomikta ‘Arctic Beauty’ for its brightly variegated heart-shaped foliage, splashed in pink, white and green. In early summer, tiny, fragrant creamy-white flowers bloom, potentially followed by grape-size fruits that resemble a miniature kiwi and taste just as refreshingly sweet.

arctic beauty kiwi

Common name: ‘Arctic Beauty’ hardy kiwi; variegated kiwi vine

Botanical name:Actinidia kolomikta ‘Arctic Beauty’

Flowers: In early summer, tiny, fragrant white flowers bloom. In order for these lovely vines to produce fruit, you must have both a male and a female plant for pollination. Often plants are not identified as male or female, so it’s advised to grow three individuals for the best chance and/or grow other cultivars as well. Fruit ripens in autumn.

Foliage: Heart-shaped, deciduous variegated leaves brilliantly painted in radiant shades of white, pink and green fill the twining stems with color. Male plants are said to produce more variegated leaves for a richer, more dazzling display.

Habit: These lush, woody perennial vines twist and coil up to 10 to 20 ft.

Season: With enticing multi-colored foliage and small but scrumptious fruit, Actinidia kolomikta ‘Arctic Beauty’ will fill your garden with appeal throughout spring, summer and fall.

Origin: Selection of a species native to eastern regions of Asia.

How to grow Actinidia kolomikta ‘Arctic Beauty’: Arctic beauty kiwi will grow in most well-drained soils but is most successful in fertile, well-drained soil with regular watering. These intriguing climbers are known to tolerate a little shade, but are said to showcase more variegation, as well as a higher yield of fruit, when planted in full sun. As climbers, Arctic Beauties need support, such as a trellis or fence, to fully flourish. This cultivar is hardier than other varieties and will grow in USDA Zones 3–8.

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