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‘Forever Purple’ Coral Bells

The ruffled edges of ‘Forever Purple’ coral bells are just the beginning of this plant’s attributes. The intense purple color of the leaves, accentuated with deeper colored venation, is topped only by the plant’s improved mounding habit.


Common Name: Coral Bells
Botanical Name:Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’
Blooms: Purple-pink on very short stems
Blooms: May - September
Foliage: Deep purple with even deeper purple venation. The leaves are slightly ruffled and are evergreen—perfect for year-round interest.
Size: 15 inches tall and 22 inches wide
Habit: Mounding
Zones: 4-9

‘Forever Purple’ prefers moderate to well drained soil. When watering, it is better to leave the garden a bit too dry than too wet. This is a vigorous grower and holds its purple color better than other varieties. ‘Forever Purple’ is great in a garden bed at the front of the border, and gorgeous in a container where it provides a punch of dramatic color. It is deer resistant and attracts butterflies.

Special Note About Coral Bells: The plant can lift out of the soil in areas where winter heaving of soil is common. In the spring, tuck the plants back into the soil, if necessary. Take caution not to bury the crown of the plant.

Photos courtesy of TERRA NOVA® Nurseries