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Filigree daisy (Anthemis marschalliana)

Virtues: We love Filigree daisy for its drought-tolerance and long-stemmed blooms. This hardy perennial is a perfect choice for xeriscaping or for a dry border, and its well-branched filigree foliage and profuse golden blooms will shine in any garden.

Profuse, gold blooms of Filigree Daisy

Common name: Filigree daisy

Botanical name: Anthemis marschalliana

Flowers/Fruit: Gold to bright yellow, daisy-like blooms. Fruit grows in August.

Foliage: Greyish-white, herbaceous leaves.

Habit: Anthemis grows 4-10" tall.

Season: Spring/Summer (May-July)

Origin: Native of Western Asia.

Cultivation: Grow Filigree daisy in full sun to partial shade in moderate to xeric soil. USDA Zones 4-10.

Image Credit: Public Domain


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