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Echinacea ‘Golden Skipper’ Attracts Butterflies to the Summer Garden

This coneflower’s blooms are saturated with golden yellow color, and at 18-inches tall it’s perfect for smaller gardens as well as containers. ‘Golden Skipper’ reaches its mature size the first year, an attractive feature to impatient gardeners. It attracts butterflies, so place it in an area of the garden where you can enjoy the winged visitors. For a strong splash of color, and to help attract pollinators, plant it in large groupings.

Golden_Skipper Coneflower Horticulture

Botanical name:Echinacea Butterfly ‘Golden Skipper’
Common name: ‘Golden Skipper’ coneflower
Height: Up to 18 inches
Width: Up to 18 inches
Habit: Compact, upright
Flowers: Bright yellow
Bloom time: June–September
Light requirements: Full sun
USDA Zones: 4–9

Drought tolerate once established. Plant this coneflower in the full sun and with moderate to low water. Leave spent flowers on the plant so birds can forage for seeds and for winter interest in the garden.

Photo courtesy of Skagit Gardens