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Dramatic Gryphon Begonia Makes a Beautiful Foliage Houseplant

Virtues: We love ‘Gryphon’ begonia for its large, palmate, rich green foliage that’s splashed lavishly in silver. The undersides of the bulky leaves and the slender stems are an eye-catching deep orange-red hue.

gryphon begonia

Common name: ‘Gryphon’ begonia

Botanical name:Begonia xhybrida ‘Gryphon’

Flowers: ‘Gryphon’ begonia seldom blooms. Its flowers are small and white to blush in color. This lovely plant is grown for its alluring foliage.

Foliage: Enormous, maple-like dark green leaves streaked in a striking silver top red-orange stems.

Habit: With an upright, mounded habit, these majestic, fast-growing plants typically grow 12 to 16 inches in height with a 16- to 18-inch spread.

Season: When grown outdoors in garden beds, ‘Gryphon’ begonias will fill your garden with heaps of summer interest. However, these magnificent plants thrive when grown in containers indoors and outdoors, and can supply your home with year-round color if they’re grown as a houseplant.

Origin: First introduced by PanAmericanSeed.

How to grow Gryphon begonia: These low-maintenance plants are successful in most well-drained soils with minimal watering. They can be fed with an organic fertilizer every two weeks, however it is not necessary. They do not do well when exposed to direct sunlight and need full to part shade in order to prosper. They can be grown in garden beds but are said to be livelier when grown in containers.

Image: hollyjazzz362
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