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Douglas Maple

Douglas maple (Acer glabrum var. douglasii) is a small tree or large shrub with several seasons of interest.

Common name: Douglas maple

Botanical name:
Acer glabrum var. douglasii

Acer glabrum var. douglasii

Virtues: Fragrant flowers, good fall foliage color. Provides winter interest with its red twigs.

Flowers: Small clusters of yellowish-green flowers appear in early spring. Not much to look at, but nicely fragrant.

Foliage: Its typical maple leaves are green in spring and summer, turning yellow or red-orange in fall.

Habit: Small tree growing 10 to 30 feet tall with a 10- to 15-foot spread, or a multistemmed shrub to 6 feet tall.

Season: Year-round. Offers winter interest with its reddish twigs.

Origin: Rocky bluffs and lake shores of the western United States and Canada.

Cultivation: Grow in sun or shade and moist to wet soil. Sun brings out the best color in twigs. USDA Zones 4–9.

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