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Disease and Heat Can’t Keep Bounce Impatiens Down

Impatiens are one of a handful of annuals that bloom throughout the summer in the shade garden. Bounce and Big Bounce Impatiens are floriferous annuals that, unlike earlier impatiens varieties, are resistant to downy mildew (Plasmopara obducens). This new introduction also has the ability to bounce back in the heat of the summer after a missed watering.

Bounce and Big Bounce Impatiens

Common name: Bounce and Big Bounce Impatiens
Botanical name: Impatiens hybrida
Flowers: Available in white, pink, lilac, red and some shades in-between.
Foliage: Pale to dark green leaves with serrated edges provide a hint of texture.
Habit: Sturdy stems support its mounding, tidy shape. Bounce grows 14-20 inches tall and wide, and Big Bounce reaches 20-30 inches tall and 20-36 inches wide.
How to grow Bounce and Big Bounce Impatiens: Plant in shade to partial shade in rich, well-drained soil that is kept moist, especially in the summer.

Photo Courtesy of Prairie Star Flowers