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Diamond Delight Euphorbia Makes Mixed Pots Soar

Virtues: Diamond Delight euphorbia adds clean white color to mixed containers and the front of the garden border all summer long. Its tiny but heavily borne flowers persist until the first frost. This vigorous but tidy annual takes heat, humidity and drought, making it an easy-care plant for pots and window boxes. Mix this mounding plant among upright companions in a large container and it will make them look like they’re floating amidst a puffy cloud!

diamond delight euphorbia

Common name: Diamond Delight euphorbia

Botanical name:Euphorbia ‘INEUPDIDIAZ’

Exposure: Full to part sun

Season: Late spring to the first frost of fall, for flowers

Flowers: Diamond Delight euphorbia blooms all summer long with tiny white double flowers. Although the flowers are very small, the plant makes a great visual effect because the blossoms are so numerous and they have extra petals.

diamond delight euphorbia

Companions to the white-flowered euphorbia here include upright Graceful Grasses Blue Mohawk rush; yellow-flowered Pegasus begonia; and, in the foreground, Catalina Midnight Blue torenia.

Habit: This annual plant has a mounding habit and grows 10 to 12 inches tall and wide. Its rounded shape makes it a good filler in containers or a nice edger to garden beds and borders.

Origins: Introduced by Proven Winners. Similar to their variety Diamond Frost, but shorter.

How to grow Diamond Delight euphorbia: Site in fertile soil or high-quality potting mix in full sun or part sun. Deadheading is not necessary, but the plant can be sheared back at any point in the season if desired. It will bounce right back. This drought-tolerant annual should not need extra watering.

Images courtesy of Proven Winners