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'De La Mina' Verbena

We love 'De La Mina' verbena (Verbena lilacina 'De La Mina') for its mounding habit, long bloom time and drought tolerance.

Common name: 'De La Mina' verbena

Verbena De La Mina

Botanical name:Verbena lilacina 'De La Mina'

Virtues: Flowers attract butterflies. Fragrant flowers. Long bloom time (can be year-round). Highly tolerant of drought and a quick grower.

Clusters of dark purple, fragrant, star-shaped flowers appear on stems that extend 8 inches from the plant's silhouette. Can bloom year-round.

Foliage: Narrow, medium green leaves stay on the plant year-round.

Habit: Evergreen perennial/subshrub to 3 feet tall and wide.

Season: Year-round; peak of bloom is spring and summer.

Origin: Carol Bornstein, a horticulturist with the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, selected this plant from a wild population growing on Cedros Island, off the west coast of Baja California. Introduced to the trade by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Cultivation: Grow in full sun and well-drained soil, in the ground or in large containers. Drought tolerant. Will also tolerate heavier soils. USDA Zones 7–10.

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Image courtesy of Monrovia


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