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Caribbean Coral Daylily

We love Caribbean Coral daylily for its unique deep coral color, compact size and very long bloom time.

Virtues: A quick-growing, vigorous, adaptable daylily with a compact size and shape. Bloom begins early, starting in spring and lasting through the summer to the first hard frost. Vivid flower color in warm, tropical tones, with ruffly petals. Eye-catching all summer long. Resists daylily rust.

Caribbean Coral Daylily

Common name: Caribbean Coral Daylily

Botanical name:Hemerocallis Caribbean Coral

Flowers: Glowing, deep coral color, with a vivid gold center. Petals are overlapping and broad; they curve back and have ruffled edges. Flower is about 4 inches across. Flowers appear on branched stalks.

Foliage: Long, narrow, softly curving leaves.

Habit: Mounding perennial to 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Season: Spring through summer, into autumn—for flowers.

Origin: Bred by Dr. Ted Petit of Le Petit Jardin, MacIntosh, Fla., as part of a series of compact, easy-to-grow, long-blooming daylilies in colors inspired by the Beach Boys song "Kokomo." (Other daylilies in the "Enjoy 24/7" line include Bermuda Peach, Key Largo Moon and Jamaica Sunrise).

Cultivation: Grow in full sun to part shade. Tolerates dry to damp soils of any type (sand, loam, clay) and pH. Flowers shed cleanly; no deadheading required. To find a list of independent garden centers that carry this daylily and others in the Enjoy 24/7 series, visit, where you can search by state.

Image courtesy of Garden Debut