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Black Pearl Heuchera Offers Pitch Black Foliage

Virtues:Black Pearl heuchera boasts large foliage that remains true black throughout the growing season, even in the sun. This beefy heuchera tolerates heat and humidity and it quickly reaches an impressive size.

black pearl heuchera

Common name: Black Pearl coral bells, Black Pearl heuchera

Botanical name:Heuchera ‘Black Pearl’

Exposure: Sun or shade

Season: Spring through autumn, for foliage

Flowers: Dainty, tiny, pale pink bells appear on skinny wands above the foliage in midsummer.

Foliage: Ruffled, maple-like leaves have a deep, shiny true black color on top, with reddish undersides. The foliage is large and sturdy, reaching about 3 or 4 inches across.

Habit: Black Pearl heuchera is a perennial that begins new growth in spring and quickly becomes a mound at least 10 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The foliage is very dense, making this a substantial heuchera for beds and large containers.

Origins: Black Pearl is a variety introduced by Walters Gardens and Proven Winners. Its parentage includes the Southeast native Heuchera villosa, from which it gets its tolerance of heat and humidity.

How to grow Black Pearl heuchera: Site in full sun to full shade, in average to rich soil with good drainage. Although there’s leeway with exposure to light, ideal growth will occur in part shade, and protection from hot midday sun is important in the South. In the South and in sheltered locations in the North, heuchera will be an evergreen perennial. (Elsewhere it will die back in winter.) Remove ratty-looking leaves in early spring to make room for new growth. USDA Zones 4–9.

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