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Best Amaryllis Cultivars and Growing Tips

Amaryllis is a popular bulb for forcing into bloom for the holiday season because of the festive colors of the flowers—and because it’s really easy to do! The enduring tradition of growing amaryllis indoors to brighten the winter months has led hybridizers to create dozens of amaryllis varieties. Here are a few of our favorites:


‘Magnum’ — a favorite for its solid deep red color

‘Caprice’ — we love this for its peppy mix of pink, white and lime green

‘Stargazer’ — a classic variety, it blooms in a festive mix of red and crisp white, reminiscent of a candy cane

‘Picot’ — its white petals are rimmed in a thin line of red that makes them really pop

‘Cherry Nymph’ — double petals give this rich red variety a luscious texture

‘Yellow Star’ — its lemon-lime color makes it a good option for timing bloom to occur after the holidays, when we’ve seen enough of red!

‘Peach Melba’ — another non-traditional color choice, this variety blooms in a toasty blend of peach and orange

An excellent mail-order source for a wide selection of amaryllis is White Flower Farm, which also offers excellent advice on growing and maintaining the bulbs from year to year. Pre-potted bulbs make it easier than ever to bring these flowers into bloom, whether you’re treating yourself or sending one as a gift.

Find tips on potting and growing an amaryllis bulb here.

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