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An Easy, Excellent Flowering Shade Plant

Virtues: Bossa Nova Pure White begonia is a flowering shade plant that provides textural foliage and multitudes of white flowers throughout the summer. Its compact, mounded habit makes it perfect for window boxes, hanging baskets and tall planters. It is drought tolerant and invaluable for adding summer-long interest and drama to the shade. It enjoys heat and humidity.

flowering shade plant bossa nova begonia

Common name: Bossa Nova Pure White begonia

Botanical name:Begonia boliviensis Bossa Nova Pure White

Exposure: Shade or part shade

Season: Spring to autumn, for flowers and foliage

Flowers: Silky white flowers hang downward from pinkish red stems. This flowering shade plant is very floriferous, covering itself in blossoms all summer with no deadheading required.

Foliage: Deep green leaves have silvery veins, a reddish cast on their undersides and crimped margins. They provide an excellent backdrop to the bright white, pink-stemmed flowers.

Habit: This begonia grows to 12 to 16 inches tall with a slightly wider spread. It has a neat, symmetrical, rounded shape that complements its down-facing flowers.

How to grow Bossa Nova Pure White begonia: Site in part shade or shade, in fertile soil with good drainage. Water when the soil becomes dry; this begonia can tolerate periods of drought but will not withstand overwatering. Provide a slow-release fertilizer at planting time or use a water-soluble fertilizer once or twice a month. Hardy in USDA Zones 7 through 11. In colder zones, the plant can be wintered indoors in a bright spot.