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Add Bold Color with 'Honeyberry' Wallflower

We love ‘Honeyberry’ wallflower for its versatility. It looks great in borders, rock gardens or as part of a garden bed design. This low-maintenance biennial has a wonderful scent and attracts bees and butterflies to the garden, too.

Honeyberry Wallflower

Common name: ‘Honeyberry’ wallflower
Botanical name:Erysimum 'Honeyberry'
Flowers: Magenta, overlapping petals give the flower a whirling or cup-shape appearance; like tiny pinwheels.
Foliage: Variegated, tall stands reach 18 inches in height. Foliage adds texture and lightness to gardens dominated by darker foliage.
Habit: Upright, mounding reaching 24 inches with blooms.
Season: Will bloom from mid-spring to early summer, and the foliage will carry it nicely into the autumn.
ZONE: 7-9
How to grow ‘Honeyberry’ wallflower: Full sun, even watering in rich, well-draining soil. Once ‘Honeyberry’ is established it will tolerate droughts. A biannual, it easily self-sows, providing new plants year after year. Easily divided in the fall. No known pest or diseases and deer resistant.