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A Small Arborvitae Alternative to Alberta Spruce

Virtues: ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’ is a small arborvitae that provides exciting and dependable foliage color all year-round. It can be grown in large containers or in the ground. Topping out at 6 to 8 feet tall, this small arborvitae makes an excellent specimen for an entryway, where it makes an interesting alternative to the typical dwarf Alberta spruce. A group can be used as a screen or hedge in a small garden.

small arborvitae

Common name: ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’ arborvitae

Botanical name:Thuja occidentalis ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’

Foliage: This arborvitae has dense foliage that is golden green in the warm months and golden yellow in the winter.

Habit: A small arborvitae, it grows 6 to 8 feet tall and 1 to 3 feet wide.

Season: Year-round for foliage.

Exposure: Full sun to part shade.

Origin: ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’ arborvitae is a cultivar of the North American species Thuja occidenatlis. It was discovered at Edwin Smits Conifers, a nursery in the Netherlands in 2000, growing as a natural mutation of ’Smaragd’ (or Emerald Green), which is bright green and grows to twice the size of ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’. Introduced to the US by Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs in 2013.

How to grow ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’ arborvitae: Site arborvitae in full sun or part shade. Provide moderate water. ‘Filip’s Magic Moment’ is a naturally small arborvitae, so it should not need pruning or shearing. If trimming is desired, do it in early summer.

Image courtesy of Proven Winners