RadioGarden :: Episode 3: A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This month on RadioGarden, a podcast of stories at the intersection of people and plants, I talk to three artists who speak for plants through pictures on Botanical Interests seed packets, among other places.

In this half-hour, I’ll demystify the wild world of botanical illustration with Marjorie Leggitt, Susan DiMarchi, and Carolyn Crawford, three of the artists whose work appears front and center of Botanical Interests’ seed packets.

This month’s RadioGarden is sponsored by Botanical Interests, providing gardeners with quality heirloom seeds since 1995. Botanical Interests’ seed packets are known as much for their artwork and information as the seeds themselves. In addition to their web site, you can say hello to our friends at Botanical Interests on Facebook and Twitter, and if you do, be sure to give them a big “Thank you!” for sponsoring RadioGarden!

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Music from this podcast by ccMixter user rocavaco. Sound effects by freesound project users suonho.

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About Andrew Keys

Andrew Keys is a writer, designer, and lifelong gardener, and he hosts the RadioGarden podcast on Horticulture Radio. Do you have a story at the intersection of people and plants? Email Andrew at radiogardenmc AT gmail DOT com. Descended from Mississippi cotton farmers, Andrew was raised with a reverence for the land passed down generations, and first fell in love with plants among thickets of Aralia spinosa in the woods of his childhood home. Andrew may be found online at his blog, Garden Smackdown, on Twitter and Facebook. He is a member of the Garden Designers Roundtable, and lectures for the New England Wild Flower Society. Andrew's company, Oakleaf Green Landscape Design, is centered on the philosophy that the crux of every 21st century design problem is our role as stewards of the Earth.

5 thoughts on “RadioGarden :: Episode 3: A Thousand Words

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  3. Did anyone else have difficulty listening to this ? For me, the audio repeatedly stopped and started again, sometimes with a double audio until at 1:33, it just stopped altogether ?

    • Hi Brenda: Yes, you are absolutely right! I looked into it and figured out the problem: during the interview, one of your speakers will play my voice, and the other will play the interviewee’s voice. I didn’t realize that until we had posted this, but obviously this poses a problem for folks who may only have the capacity of a left or right speaker.

      We’re still learning a lot over here! Is there any way you can listen in stereo? I’m working on a solution now, and it’ll at least be fixed for the next episode, if we’re not able to fix it on this one. Apologies for the difficulty.

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